J.D. Grisham

Colonel Grisham

His title of Esper Killer being justly earned due to his Level 7 telepathy enabling him to wield nearby adversarial esper powers to his advantage, Colonel J.D. Grisham is a sinister adversary that initially appears to possibly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Kyousuke as a possible alpha adversary considering that he has really given Liberty Bell and B.A.B.E.L. quite a challenge by wielding their thoughts and esper powers to their detriment. Aside from being a horrible karaoke singer, J.D. teaches that an esper's powers vary directly with its willpower—a lesson Kaoru has demonstrated upon her whenever her concentration falters while using her telekinesis. Fortunately, Kaoru figures this out and works alongside Mary and Naomi to help drain a reservoir after Minamoto excavates into his back story. J.D.'s prime volition is for B.A.B.E.L. and Liberty Bell collaboration to grant the terminally-ill Saya her final wish to see her birthplace under the reservoir after she nursed him back to health after an esper soldier (most likely Kyousuke Hyobu) destroyed his bomber and its crew, leaving him as the sole survivor. (Source: Wikipedia)