Seina Yamada

山田 西南, Sainan, Lorelai
Seina Yamada is a good friend of Tenchi Masaki and his parents run a small grocery at the beginning of the series. However aside from Tenchi Kiriko Masaki and Kiriko039s brother Kai Seina has very few friends mostly because he has the worst luck in the universe. Minor disasters often occur in his presence and anyone near him stays a good distance away from him. Seina039s usual lack of luck almost ends when a spaceship nearly crashlands on his head at the Masaki residence. Its driver Galaxy Police Detective Second Class Amane Kaunaq had meant to present Tenchi a pamphlet for joining the G.P. but mistakenly offers Seina the application instead under the impression that Tenchi was training the boy. His family persuades him via forcibly nabbing his signature and thumb print to fill out the application with the hope that Seina would win a prize. When he wakes from sleep for the night he finds himself aboard a spaceship recruited to be the newest member of the G.P. Academy. He also meets Mitoto Kuramitsu the ditzy mother of Mihoshi and cleaning lady extraordinaire before discovering his friend Kiriko is also a GP officer. From there Seina is thrown into a plan to stop the Daluma pirate guild from taking over the galaxy. When Seina039s bad luck was found to have an effect of attracting space pirates the G.P. capitalized on it by placing Seina in command of one of the Decoy Fleet039s newest ships the Kamidake which included systems designed by Tenchi039s sister Tennyo Masaki. However when the ship was irreparably damaged as a result of an encounter with space pirate Tarant Shank Seto then presented Seina with a ship designed by Washu Hakubi which was named the Kamidake II by Seina. The ship consist of the main ship body and a cabbit similar to RyoOhki named Fuku by Seina. Fuku differs from RyoOhki in that Fuku serves as a terminal body and more importantly the power source for the ship thus is not able to transform into a ship. However according to Washu Hakubi it is possible for Fuku to turn into a cabbit girl like RyoOhki... if Fuku wishes for it as she matures. Later the ship became a hybrid when under Seto Kamiki Jurai039s supervision it was fused together with Kiriko039s second generation royal tree Mizuki enabling it to generate Light Hawk Wings for protection. The main pod which house the royal tree in a Juraian Royal Tree ship was used for the fusion. During the time Seina commanded the Kamidake and Kamidake II he was earning an equivalent to a fleet commander039s salary. However because he was still a cadet that money was kept in a special account until he graduated and was given what he would normally earn. The interest the money accumulated however was forwarded to his family on Earth. It was so much money that the Yamada family used it to build a huge new home as well as building a huge supermarket in place of their small grocery. While Seina was visiting Tenchi back on Earth Amane Kiriko Ryoko Balta and Neju who was visiting at the time worked at the Yamada039s supermarket where they were worked until exhausted. It was later in the series when Seina who was trying to rescue Fuku from rogue elements of the Galaxy Army was found by a tribe of Wau who mistake him for their savior and threw him into an ancient mecha which bears a striking reselance to Dual039s Zinv. Somehow Seina was able to activate the mecha which he used to save not only Fuku but also cabbit clones made from Fuku039s cells by Tarant who had allied himself with the rogue G.A. faction. Angered by this Seina fought Shank and his allies. But in doing this the mecha was able to integrate itself to the Kamidake II which was captured with Fuku. And even more startling the mecha formed Light Hawk Wings even though it was not bonded with Mizuki. Afterward it was revealed by Emperor Azusa and Empresses Funaho and Misaki that the mecha had as its power source a first generation Jurai tree seed with the seed bonding itself with Seina. As a result Seina is now thirdinline to the Jurai throne behind Yosho and Tenchi. As a result a political marriage between Seina Amane Kiriko Ryoko Balta and Neju was made. However Seto039s ladiesinwaiting who were actually agents of the Renza Federation kidnapped Seina and publicly seduced him to ensure their nonGalactic Union organization039s survival. Seina ends up marrying the four Renza spies along with Amane Kiriko Ryoko Balta Neju and Fuku and now commands a crew made up entirely of his wives still patrolling for pirates and illegal activities in space. source: Wikipedia