Neju Na Melmas

ネージュ・ナ・メルマス, Nejuu Na Melmas
Although she looks like a tenyearold girl Neju is actually a 2000yearold high priestess and spiritual leader of her planet. Politically savvy as well as extremely cunning she had countless assassination attempts thwarted through body doubles and her great powers. Neju is an exceptionally powerful telepath able to affect movement and persuade others through intimidation. Neju first met Seina Yamada on Jurai after Seina found out that his ship the Kamidake had suffered fatal damage following a battle with Tarant Shank. She had accompanied Seina Amane Kaunaq Kiriko Masaki and Ryoko Balta to the G.P. Academy onboard their new ship the Kamidake II presented by Seto Kamiki Jurai... with strict orders from the G.P. not to use their weaponry along the way. From the first moment she stepped foot on the ship Neju was almost inseparable from Seina which caused quite a bit of jealousy between the girls. She was even present when during a pirate attack Fuku was hatched. It was while the girls were monitoring a visit to the ship039s holodeck between Seina Neju and Fuku that Kiriko discovered the truth. She had seen around Nejursquos neck a golden necklace which identified her as the high priestess of Melmas. Armed with this knowledge the girls went to confront Neju but were partially paralyzed by her as a show of her powers. But everything was patchedup when Neju gave a little encouragement to Fuku when a major pirate attack was launched by the ship. When the Kamidake II finally arrived at the G.P. Academy they learned from Seto that the pirate attack were more than likely an assassination attempt against Neju. She went on to explain that Neju was near the point where she has to select her successor and would soon enter a secular life which would normally require her to remain on Melmas for five years. But since she would still face death by enemies she gained during her tenure it was decided that Neju should enter the G.P. Academy as a student. During a brief stopover on Earth the Kamidake II crew was surprised that Neju had showed up at Seina039s new home built from the interest accrued from an account of his pay and sent to his family. She had a body double standin for her so that she could travel to Earth mostly to find out about Seina039s life on Earth. Neju even helped out Amane Kiriko and Ryoko at the Yamadarsquos new supermarket while Seina and Fuku visited Tenchi mainly to talk to Washu about Fuku039s origins. They had to leave Earth in a hurry when the Daluma Guild launched their quotGood Luckquot fleet as a counter to Seina039s bad luck. Like Amane Kiriko and Ryoko Neju was engaged to wed Seina in a political marriage after the defeat of a rogue faction of the Galaxy Army aided by Shank... and was witness to a forced seduction by Seto039s ladiesinwaiting ndash who were in reality agents of the Remza Union seeking an alliance with Jurai. As a result Seina wed the Remzans as well. At the end Neju was still a crewmember of the Kamidake II along with her husband Seina and his seven other wives. Source: Wikipedia