Mashisu Makibi

Mashisu Kuramitsu
Mashisu Makibi first appeared in Episode 16 of the third Tenchi OVA as Misao Kuramitsus assistant on board the Kuramitsu familys newest starship the Choubimaru which had the capacity to destroy an entire planet. But Mashisu was not Misaos first choice for secondincommand: he had requested Noike Kamiki Jurai for that post but at the last second Mikami Kuramitsu had Mashisu fillin. Mashisu deeply wishes for Misao not to go through with his terrible plan which was to use the Choubimaru to rescue Mihoshi Kuramitsu and the Jurai Royal Family from Tenchi Masakis clutches then in a battle with Ryoko the ships main battery would malfunction and blow up Earth and killing Tenchi in the process knowing that the residents of Earth were libel to go into a panic seeing a spaceship the size of Earths moon approaching the planet in actuality the letter which informed Misao of Mihoshis plight was altered by Z in the hopes this incident would occur. Mashisu tried to reason with Misao to modify his plans if not for himself but to spare the pain of having Mihoshi resent Misao because of Tenchis death. She even went as far as spanking Misao mostly to spare him the embarrassment of being seen by his crew with a black eye. Unable to dissuade Misao from his plans Mashisu secretly came up with an alternate plan by framing Ryoko Hakubi for the destruction of the Choubimaru. What it involved was that she along with her subordinates Baguma Fujimasa and Sorunaru would cause the ships destruction by provoking Ryoko using some minor offenses still on her record as a justification her major crimes were deleted to attack it. During the battle the ships core would accidentally overload and explode. This way she could avoid having to destroy the Earth not to mention avoid hurting both Misao and Mihoshi over Tenchis death. Baguma Fujimasa and Sorunaru were then dispatched to handle Ryoko Ayeka and Washu while Mashisu would go after Sasami. However for the four Ryoko Ayeka with RyoOhkirsquos help and Washu were easily able to handle Fujimasa Sorunaru and Baguma respectively while Sasami easily defeated Mashisu with skills that Mashisu was illequipped to handle and helped her notice that she is in love with Misao. The group was then taken to on board Tsunamifune which Seto had borrowed for the trip to Earth. It was on board Tsunamifune that Seto treated the five to an impromptu party which involved plenty of the rare libation Shinju sake However when Ryoko began attacking the Choubimaru in a drunken rage she had consumed an entire barrel of sake after her battle with Fujimasa Mashisu became so concerned about Misaos safety that she rushed back to his side. Mashisu confronted Misao on the Choubimarus bridge and was able to help him come to his senses and order the crew to abandon ship. However it took a little longer for Mashisu to persuade Misao to join the crew... which resulted in Misao trying to shield Mashisu from an explosion. Apparently injured fatally by the blast Mashisu helped Misao remember the day they had first met and she fainted admitting that she is in love with Misao. On that day Misao had accidentally hit Mashisu on the head with a tennis ball. Although Misao had appoligized for the incident Mashisu was so enrapured with the young boy she didnt hear the apology and gave Misao a vicious headlock as a result. But afterward Misao had invited Mashisu to lunch with his family where she met Mihoshi. She also made mention of an unknown incident possibly the one that caused Mihoshis downfall within the Galaxy Police which caused Misao to mature. However Mashisus injuries were actually an illusion created by Washu on Tsunamifune to help Misao understand the importance of who he should protect. Mashisu as well as Misao were surprised to find that the explosion was actually a transport beam and Mashisu was embarrassed that everyone had heard them and her confession to Misao. After a modified resolution to the Z incident Mashisu was punished by Mikami Kuramitsu with six months of toilet cleaning in the G.P. headquarters for her part in the Choubimaru incident. When Misao wanted to have Mashisu with him for his portion of the punishment ten years working in one of the familys ventures she was dismissed by Mikamirsquos brother Minami Kuramitsu as quotunworthyquot. However Seto who was also present offered to adopt Mashisu so that she could marry Misao. This part was confirmed when Misao and Mihoshis mother Mitoto mop in hand showed up and informed everyone that she got the Kuramitsu Familys counsel to accept the marriage. Mashisu also appears in GXP episode 15. After her punishment for the Choubimaru incident had ended she married Misao and became Mashisu Kuramitsu. Apparently as a wedding present Mashisu was given command of the Choubimaru with Misao going to the Galaxy Army. She was able to help out when Fuku had taken command of the Kamidake II when she ran away to Earth. Mashisu was enraged when the Kamidake II was attacked by pirates of the Daluma guild frightening Fuku to tears. Mashisu along with help from Fukus big sister RyoOhki chased off the pirates.