Seriyou Tennan

天南 静竜, Seriyo Tennan
When Juraian Emperor Azusa visits Earth and attempts to bring his daughters Ayeka and Sasami back home they will have none of it wanting to remain there with Tenchi. Still sore over Tenchis grandfather and the emperors own son Ysh abandoning Jurai to marry an Earthling Azusa begrudgingly approves but only if Tenchi could defeat his chosen fianceacute for Ayeka in a duel. This quotworthy suitorquot was Seiry Tennan son of one of Jurais wealthiest families. Flashy with an exaggerated sense of style he rigs his own light show and cherry blossoms for special effects Seiry sees the events from a skewed point of view believing the princesses to be confined in a dump much worse than a prison cell. He takes it upon himself to quotliberatequot Ayeka from her forced labor and thereby the barbarous Tenchi believing it to be his or rather quotany civilized personsquot moral duty. Boastful Seiry thinks it would be a wise idea for Tenchi to concede not wanting to quotbully the weakquot and beseeches him not to worry as he wont be using his full power. Some time before the duel was to begin the group makes predictions on whom they think will win: the majority side with Tenchi Azusa favors Seiry in quotless than a minutequot and Wash places an unorthodox bet on Mihoshi. It turned out Wash was unusually perceptive. Mihoshis shuttle crash lands in the Masaki family lake before the match begins swamping the deck of the house and leaving a dazed Seiry to be washed back into the water. As a result Tenchi won by default Seiry losing his chance at arranged marriage. His quotdefeatquot would be so humiliating for Seiry that he would develop a personal hatred for all Earthlings a grudge which would continue on into Tenchi Muy GXP. He holds a teachers position at the Galaxy Police Academy and immediately develops a distaste for the human Seina Yamada when he becomes a cadet. Seina becomes Seirys nemesis constantly foiling his endless idiotic plots for revenge mostly through Seinas streak of bad luck. Having rebounded from his missed shot at Ayeka Seiry becomes infatuated again by childhood acquaintance Amane despite being frequently and violently rejected her attachment to Seina only serves to deepen his hatred for the young captain so much so that in Episode 6 Seriy holds up the necessary body augmentation that Seina needed to at least survive life at the academy. However Mikami Kuramitsu found out and assigned Seriy to clean toilets... with her niece Mitoto supervising. Seiry is brash and overconfident often severely embarrassing himself through acts of sheer incompetence. However he is also an accomplished fighter and is quite proficient with a lightsword. After Amane allowed him to be captured by the enemy in Episode 9 Seiry learns during Episode 18 the Daluma pirate guild has signed a supply contract with the Tennan family. Seiry follows his fathers orders to assist the pirates and becomes the captain of the Daluma guilds antiSeina Good Luck Fleet. In a stunning display of idiocy he names his flagship Unko which could mean quotLuck Bringerquot in Japanese... but also translates as quotpoopquot. After fighting the G.P. ship Kamidake II to a standstill twice Seriy then challenged Seina to an official duel. However during the duel Seina trips on a piece of candy and pulls off Seirys belt exposing his red bikini briefs and costing Seriy another match by embarrassment. At the end of the series Seiry works as the head waiter at a space station behind Earths moon where Seinas wedding was being held as the station was owned by the Tennan family. While there he encounters space pirate and former captor Ky Komachi and proposes to her after revealing that it was her birthday.