Ichinoses sad life began when she was 10 years old. One night she had agreed with her father to row out to the center of Asano Lake where they would tip out of the boat and commit suicide. However on the way down her father lost his grip on Ichinose and the girl floated up to the surface whereas her father drowned. Afterwards Ichinose went to live with her uncle who then sexually abused the girl. During her stay with her uncle she had taken up collecting a rare water beetle which was threatened by American Black Bass that was introduced into Asano Lake. The death of her uncle was supposed to be the end of Ichinoses torment. Instead she felt even more afraid of her uncle going to the extent of setting an extra table setting with food for him. The guilt of not having died with her father combined by her uncles abuse drove Ichinose to kidnap... and later kill children in the Matsuda area believing that she was saving them from future abuse from their parents. When she was captured by Detective Yamazaki Ichinose was already mentally gone. She was even mistaken for a man at the time of her capture. Because Yamazaki could only get circumstantial evidence on the kidnappings Ichinose was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After leaving prison Ichinose got in a boat near Asano Lake and disappeared possibly committing suicide. However the disturbed girls spirit still roamed the Earth inflicting harm on the locals as well as tormenting the spirits of the children she killed. source: Absolute Anime