Nagi is a bounty hunter with a fierce reputation who has lost but one target in her distinguished career mdash the space pirate Ryko mdash and wishes to wipe that blemish off an otherwise perfect record. Traveling with her cabbit KenOhki Nagi makes a living hunting down wanted criminals in the galaxy. So far she has only one quarry to have eluded her Ryko. She had tracked the space pirate to Earth where she had taken Tenchi Masaki hostage thinking he and Ryko were lovers. Originally the two were to fight in space but a complication occurred KenOhki and RyOhki had fallen in love and would not fire upon each other. So a quotwild westquot setting was created by Wash on the planet Venus so that the two would fight it out. It ended with Ryko about to kill Nagi but the cabbits intervened KenOhki threatening to fight and RyOhki begging her to spare Nagi. So Ryko released the bounty hunter. From timetotime Nagi and Ryko would cross paths during the time the Masaki clan would be pursued by the Jurai Military and the Galaxy Police. First the Masaki clan had ran a bar on a resort planet to get needed money. Nagi had walked into the bar to get a drink but stormed out when she got the overpriced bill. When the Masakis had to leave the bar in a hurry Nagi was on their tail but was impeded by G.P. cruisers. At another time Nagi entered a bathingsuit contest just to spite Ryko and won only to have Ryko steal the prize money. However the last time they met Nagi helped out her old rival when Tenchi along with the knights Azaka and Kamidake went to Jurai to rescue Ayeka who had been kidnapped by the false emperor Kagato. The main reason why she chose to help the group was that she didnt want anyone else to take Rykos life. Nagi even passed up a chance to fight Ryko as Ryko was badly injured from her previous fight against Kagato and Nagi preferred not to take advantage of a wounded opponent. At the end of the series she and KenOhki were still searching for Ryko who had disappeared after the battle. Though she has protected Ryko and wished for her safety Nagi professes that theyre not friends and that she hunts her only to settle their unfinished business. Unlike Ryko Nagi does not have any superhuman abilities. She instead relies on advanced technology such as an energy sword and whip and her excellent fighting skills to compensate for Rykos sheer power. source: Wikipedia