リグレット, Regret, Legretta the Quick, Giselle Oslo, Magic Bullet
Legretta the Quick is a GodGeneral of the Oracle Knights in the game Tales of the Abyss. She is one of Vans most trusted subordinates and is often seen being a bodyguard for him carrying out his most intricate operations and even occasionally giving commands to the other GodGenerals. She also has the rank of Major in the regular Oracle Knights and she was the instructor for Tear Grants. She has very close ties with both Tear and Van but she does fight against Tear and her allies multiple times along the storyline. She fights using a pair of fontech handguns and Light Fonic Artes. Her Japanese name is Regret and her Title is Magic Bullet Regret. Motive : Legretta was originally a Major of the Oracle Knights before she became a GodGeneral and she was a role model for Tear Grants. However she admits later in the story that she was very depressed about something she never openly admits what having to do with the Score. She was also very disgruntled about how the Score had a firm grip on peoples lives and dictated their every action and every move. Legretta was sickened about how people grew completely dependent on the Score and how it ruled over their lives. Legretta also began to wonder whether she herself was nothing more than a puppet being controlled by the Score and began to ponder if even her emotions and how she felt about the Score was controlled by the Score itself. Legretta refused to accept being controlled by the Score the planets memory and for these reasons she decided to join Van as a GodGeneral to help him pursue his ideals to create a replica world and completely annihilate all traces of the Score and the people who blindly followed it. Over time Legretta began to fall in love with Van and completely devoted all of her time and energy to fulfilling his plans. This could be the point in time in which she stopped being Tears instructor although no real evidence in the game supports this fact at all. Legretta also seems to have completely lost all faith in the current state of Auldrant and the people living on it. She shows this on a number of occasions particularly when she leads the massacre of Sheriden giving little thought to killing innocents in the town and also allowing her Oracle Knight minions to do away with any civilians that get in their way. She wished to destroy the current world and create a new replica world along with Van to finally end the Scores reign over the people. Therefore she is completely loyal to the commandant and is willing to put her life on the line if it were to mean his dream coming true. She stated that this is all she wanted in life and that a world with people that can only live if the Score exists is better off dead. The only other person in the game that Legretta seems to care for is Tear. Being her instructor once it is no surprise that the Major and Tear once shared a close bond. Thusly Legretta usually tries to turn Tear over to Vans side whenever they meet even though Tear always adamantly refuses telling Legretta that she will not join her so long as she remains with Van. Legretta always seems rather hesitant to fight Tear but as the game progresses Legretta seems to realize that since Tear believes in the exact opposite ideals as Van converting her is futile. Legretta the Quick fights the party a total of 3 times not including the replica fight of her in the Abyss optional dungeon and each time she gives the party a less than friendly greeting usually by shooting a bullet right in front of their feet. The first time she is fought is at the end of the Deo Pass right before the party reaches Akzeriuth. After she is defeated she calls Luke a reject giving him a clue on exactly what he is and also remarks to Jade about fomicry being resurrected by the Oracle Knights. The second time she is fought is on Mt. Roneal alongside the two GodGenerals Largo the Black Lion and Arietta the Wild. She again tries to convert Tear to Vans side here but to no avail. When defeated she and her two companions are seemingly killed in a massive avalanche caused by the fight. However it is revealed that she survives later as she is seen pursuing Asch after Van is defeated by the party at the Absorption Gate trying to obtain the Jewel of Lorlei before he does and also attempting to get the Sword of Lorelei from him to stop the Key of Lorelei from being assembled. This is a good example of how she still follows Van even after his apparent death. The third and final time that the party fights against Legretta is very shortly after they crash land in Eldrant. After being met by her usual shot she reveals herself and admits her desire to destroy the world plagued by the Score even if it means creating a replica world in its place. After being defeated one last time she confesses her love for Van and his vision to Tear and states that even though Tear may think that she sacrificed herself for nothing she died fighting for what she truly believed was right and for the man she loved. She dies while praying for Van to reform the twisted world ruled by the Score. Appearance : Legretta the Quick is a woman of about Tears height is 26 years old and is dressed in the standard black Order of Lorelei clothing similar to Tears default outfit. She has long blonde hair that is pulled back into a ragged sort of ponytail and has a long red piece of cloth that drapes around her arms and trails down her back. She usually carries her two fontech handguns behind her back but she can whip them out whenever she wants to use them. As with all the other GodGenerals however she gains a costume change later in the game. She keeps her black outfit fairly unchanged but has the addition of a small white mettalic mantle around her chest and the red piece of cloth is now replaced by the same metallic substance that her mantle is made of though it still retains a flowing appearance. Legretta has a stacattoed voice and tends to speak loudly when she is about to fight the group. However when speaking with Tear Van or the other GodGenerals she has a very gentle sounding voice that masks her incredible fighting skill. In the Japanese version she is voiced by Miki Ito while in the American version she is voiced by Cindy Robinson. Personality : Legretta being a soldier is a very calculating intelligent and dangerous woman. She often speaks in a calm sort of voice and is also very good at negotiating and explaining her beliefs to others. She remains completely loyal to Van at all times and will do whatever she is told to do by him no matter how grisly it is. She explains in Eldrant that people should have their own free will and not be shackled to Yulias Score and Legretta claims that she could only gain her own free will by rejecting the Score and seeking to destroy it. Tear however tells her that she has no free will if she believes that only what the commandant wants is the right thing. Legretta has shown that she will remain true to her beliefs no matter what others think and still fights Tear regardless of her relationship with her. While it is obvious that Legretta has emotions and shows them near the end of her life she is very good at masking her true feelings to the group and comes across to a lot of people as an efficient emotionless soldier. She was also the one who taught Tear that only poor soldiers let people see what they feel outright so Tears resolve not to cry or act scared or sad under any circumstances is Legrettas fault. Fighting Skill : Legretta is a very strong fighter both physically and in fonic artes. She dual wields fontech guns which she never seems to have to reload and as such she can dish out multiple shooting combos at the party endlessly and relentlessly. She also has a very powerful attack in which she spins around and fires one bullet which can easily take off half of a characters HP and can knock them down. She also has extraordinarily high physical defense but isnt particularly hard to stagger when charging her spells up. However her fonic artes are nothing to laugh at as she can cast a multitude of light elemental fonic artes as well as the high level water fonic arte Blessed Drops. She also has the dangerous ability to use arcane strike artes without an FOF which means she can turn the tides of battle at any time the player falls off guard. Legretta also has two special skills involving her unique weapons. The first is an attack called Rage Laser which fires a penetrating beam of light from her guns and her signature Mystic Arte Prism Ballet which is her strongest attack that raises multiple walls of light around her and ends with her firing a larger version of Rage Laser at the person being attacked after they are hailed with gunfire. Legretta is also resistant to light based fonic artes and strike artes with her element being light. Her real name is Giselle Oslo.