Tarlotte also known as quotTarlotte of the Aligned Planetsquot is the Absolute Angel Batraz Badorasu. Her anger lays waste to all who stand before her but she has a childish personality and mind to go with her childish body. Tarlotte frequently has trouble finding the right words to express herself. While attacking the academy she absorbs the life energy of the students. She has a rather odd relationship with her companion Sjir while she apparently enjoys his food and seems to rely on him to care for her she frequently vents her frustrations upon him through acts of violence. Her Absolute Angel emblem is located on her right thigh. Her tail is merely attached to her underwear though it does move to her emotions. Although her design resembles Nekoko from Kannazuki no Miko Tarlotte039s name reference to the two characters from Kaishaku039s older work Magical Cat Girl Taruto Taruto and Charlotte. Taruto039s character is also voiced by Hisayo Mochizuki.