Sojiro Ayanokoji

Sjir is the second eldest child of the Ayanokji family. He is a muscular heavily scarred man who can stop Kyshirs sword swings and endure Tarlottes beatings. Whatever is said or done to Tarlotte by anyone oftentimes it is Sjir who endures the wrath of her anger. Despite this fact he seems to be the one most concerned with Tarlottes wellbeing even providing her with energy when she falls unconscious after a battle despite the fact that Tarlotte attacks him when she finds him kissing her to provide energy without her permission. Sjir not only seems to feel compassion for the people who are temporarily drained of energy by Tarlotte but expresses feelings of pity for all the Absolute Angels. Unlike Kyshirs and Mikas behavior towards their Absolute Angels he seems to care for Tarlotte as a person doing his best to keep her happy and worrying for her safety. In contrast with his siblings Sjir appears to be a peaceful and thoughtful individual who cares for the fate of bystanders of his own initiative. Sjir seems to be aware early on of the way events in his world are spiralling out of control and tries to decide the best way to redress this situation. Sjir resembles the Orochi follower Girochi from Kannazuki no Miko.