Jealousy and vengeance can corrupt even the most purest sweetest and gentlest of souls. Unfortunately Princess Vina was and NEVER will be any of those things. The royal life has given Vina a stick up her ass that she039ll gladly remove and shove it up yours if you dare get in this vengeful vixen039s way. Venus first met Mink when she was trying to get tickets to a Dick Saucer concert. But tempers flared and Mink pissed off Vina enough to make them arch rivals. Now Vina wants to crush Mink039s dreams of being with Dick for good. However odd as it is Vina like Mink suffers from a biological defect due to her parents genetics. Vina039s mother was in fact a slime creature named Venus who was deeply in love with The King. Venus drank the magical people potion to become human and she eventually married and had a child with The King. But the child which was actually Vina turned out to be pure slime. The shock of Vina039s birth killed Venus and caused The King to go totally bald. Since then Vina has dabbled in the black arts to change her appearance. Her magical powers allowed her to take the form of a human girl though under extreme amounts of physical pressure she becomes slime again. Vina is a very bitchy and controlling girl she039s not happy unless everyone she despises is miserable. She believes that she deserves Dick Saucer more because her life was harder then Mink039s. Vina is much like any rich spoiled brat if things don039t go her way she039ll break down like a baby. But in combat she039s pretty slippery to fight. Using low cheap tricks when her magic doesn039t cut the bill. Vina fought Mink once and lost the fight but attempted a rematch during the Killer Martial Arts Tournament. Defeating her foes one by one Vina was finally a match away from battling Mink all she had to do was defeat Doug Finn. But the little furry Finn proved extremely too powerful for Vina to even put a scratch on. She tried using a child like candy plow but it eventually blew up in her face and Vina was beaten by Doug Finn. The princess was last seen screaming her slimy head off after Mink had won the tournament. But as long as Mink has happiness in her heart of becoming human and being with Dick Saucer Vina won039t rest until that dragon half is kissing her pale ass in defeat. source: Absolute Anime