King Siva

Of all the kingdoms in existence there are few that can say their king was without a doubt the most blockheaded dimwitted king of all time. The King as he is only known by rules over the magical land in which Mink Dick Saucer and his grouchy daughter Princess Vina resides in. But as a ruler the king cares little for his own people and mainly worries himself with eliminating Mink. Many years ago Mink039s father Ruth was once The King039s best swordsman. When a red dragon appeared The King ordered Ruth to slay it. But Ruth somehow fell in love with the dragon married her had a child named Mink and lived his life out happily ever after. Now The King desires to marry Ruth039s wife... that is after he kills him of course. However The King is a very straight forward and unintelligent man. Relying on the persuasion of others he punishes people with a giant block of stone called quotthe king039s crushing angerquot. Once the king has something on his mind he039ll stop at nothing to accomplish his task... even though he buckles under pressure and is cowardly as well. Rosario suggested using Mink as bait for Ruth039s surrender but after her supposed death and capture Mink was still alive. After Mink escaped and defeated Vina The King sent Damaramu after her... and then Dick Saucer... and both failed. Totally bummed out The King took Rosario039s idea to enter Mink in the killer martial arts tournament. Since The King was a sponsor of the tournament it was easy for him to enroll Vina into it so she could finish off Mink. As the tournament progressed MechaDamaramu Princess Vina and even Dick Saucer were defeated... and that left Mink to Doug Finn. Doug Finn was inevitably dragonpunched into the lake of lava surrounding the ring and Mink had won the grand prize. Even though The King is not the brightest of bunch and his head is quotbalder then a baboon039s assquot as Vina put it The King is still a powerful enemy. With dozens of criminal connections and resources The King will stop at nothing to kill Mink for his sake his daughter039s sake and not to mention his own dumb ass source: Absolute Anime