Marie Mjolnir

マリー・ミョルニル, Crushing Weapon Marie
Marie Mjolnir is the death scythe with jurisdiction over Oceania. Her weapon form differs between the manga and animein the manga she takes the form of a small black hammer that can transform into a tonfa the length of which increases with her wielders soul wavelengthch. 61 while in the anime her weapon form is a large gray tonfa by default ep. 45. She wears an eyepatch covering her left eye adorned with a lightningboltshaped symbol that is present on her weapon form. She is carefree and absentminded and easily gets lost in the basement of DWMA with her poor sense of direction ch. 24. She is also lovelorn having gone through a string of failed relationships with people such as Joe Buttataki and desperately wishes to get married. She chose to oversee Oceania for the light workload provided with the job believing it would allow her to focus on finding another boyfriend and settling down. Stein was her old crush but she seems to still have feelings toward him. Source: Wikipedia