Mikage Sagiri

狭霧深影, Mina
She is the meek secretary to Rex Godwin and watches over Jack Atlas. Despite her dedication and loyalty Mikage tends unintentionally to spark the wrath of her superiors. It can be inferred from her behavior around Atlas that Mikage could possibly have special feelings for him though this has yet to be proven. Mikage was assigned by Godwin to keep tabs on Jack. After Jeager reported Jack039s meeting with Yusei Fudo Mikage told Godwin about it during a meeting with Akutsu. Though Godwin politely excused himself from the meeting once in the hall Godwin nearly strangled Mikage for letting Jack anywhere near the quotSatellite scum.quot She Godwin and Jeager watch the duel between Yusei and Jack on the police scanner and Mikage is seen casting her superiors a nervous glance. Mikage does not seem to get along with Jeager evidenced by Mikage frowning at him at and how he tended to belittle her about not knowing much about Jack. Wikipedia