Findorr Calius

Birthday:Jun 27
Height: 180 cm 511 Number: 24 Findor Carias is an Arrancar in Ssuke Aizens army and one of Barragans five Fraccin. An alternate romanization of his name is Findore Klarius He appears to be the most composed member of Barragans fraccion. He is rather arrogant and confident in his abilities as shown when he encounters Shhei Hisagi and states that he will fight at exactly the same power level as a Lieutenant. He is also said to be very chatty and is called a chatterbox by Hisagi. Findor seems to be quite intelligent and calculating being able to guess the average power levels of seated Shinigami officers and even replicate them while fighting. His analytical demeanor is also demonstrated by his habit of saying exacta correct very often. This stems from his belief that life is nothing but a sequence of difficult problems and ones ability to make correct choices decides his fate. The remains of his hollow mask consist of a smooth helmet covering the upper half of his face with eye holes and a row of teeth sown across his chin like a strap. His hollow hole is not visible. Findors arrancar outfit vaguely resembles a Spanish soldier and he has customized it with shoulder pads kneehigh boots and a knife like protrusion on both his sleeves that extend along the top of his hands. Findor appears to be able to summon hollows by whistling as shown when he was ordered to destroy the four pillars that keep the real Karakura Town in Soul Society though this is most possibly an ability shared but not demonstrated by other highranking Arrancar or even nonarrancar MenosAdjuchas. He first appears along with Barragan and the rest of his Fraccin in the fake Karakura Town to do battle with the Gotei 13. Once Aizen Ichimaru and Tsen are blocked off by Yamamotos shikai Barragan himself decides to give all orders. Findor is then ordered to summon four gigantic hollows to destroy the four pillars that keep the real Karakura Town in Soul Society. The hollows are killed however by Shhei Hisagi Izuru Kira Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame who are protecting the pillars. In response Barragan sends each member of his Fraccin to a different pillar stating that if they are going to guard them using ants hell just have to send dragons to crush them. Curiously his hollow mask appears to act as some kind of inhibitor on his powers similar to Kenpachis eyepatch and by breaking fragments of it off with the knife on his wrist it can increase his power exponentially. When whole his power level is equal to that of a fifth seat Shinigami and when half of his mask he is broken he is as strong as a Lieutenant Zanpakut Findors zanpakut is named Pinza Aguda Pinsagda Spanish for sharp pincer Japanese for crab sword cutting current and its release command is Engrave in the water surface minamo ni kizame. Its sealed form resembles a Spanish pe or rapier. When released it wraps around his right arm to form a giant crustacean claw. In this form Findor can fire highpressure streams of water from his claw that are powerful enough to easily cut through buildings.