Yuzuki Mikage

御景 ゆずき
Yuzuki is a girl who has blue eyes and brown hair. Although she has the appearance of a normal everyday girl she has deep relations to the Hell Correspondence site. Ai chose her to be her temporary body like a temple. She wants to warn people of contacting the Hell Correspondence yet she can039t do anything. She can sense the person who will soon contact The Hell Correspondence and she can also see who is contacting Jigoku Shoujo. Yuzuki has a fate to be the next Jigoku Shoujo. First appearing in season 3 Yuzuki is a 9th grader schoolgirl who currently studies at Saigawara 4th Junior High School. Although a normal everyday girl she actually has deep relations to the Hell Correspondance website. While Yuzuki is in the bathtub one night Ai appears before her suddenly kissing her. After that event Ai possesses her and uses her as a human vessel to carry out her duties as Hell Girl. When a person forms a contract with the Hell Correspondence Yuzuki will become Ai to send the victim to Hell. Much like Tsugumi in the first season she is able to see visions of those who have called upon Hell Girl although it should be noted that many of the people are acquaintances of her. About halfway through the series Ai releases herself from Yuzuki during The Sixscript Lantern ceremony in her town in which the gate to hell is temporarily open. After her friend Akie is sent to Hell Yuzuki039s eyes were seen to flash red for a moment foreshadowing future events. After Akie is sent to Hell she tries to keep Ai039s clients from sending their tormentor to Hell. Despite the fact that the cycle of hatred is human nature and a part of life she never stops trying to end it. Even after being shown visions by Ai proving that there039s no way to stop revenge she continues to try. Later Ai reveals that she is destined to become the next Hell Girl. Later on Yuzuki039s existence begins to fade away. She becomes unable to contact her mother and finds her herself not being able to find personal possessions of her own such as a student ID card that disappears into thin air. Furthermore she finds that Tsugumi and the members of the Hell Correspondence are the only ones who can recognize her. Later Tsugumi tells Yuzuki that she should just accept what is happening to her just as she had done when disappeared from the world long ago. Yuzuki cannot accept this and desperately runs back home to her apartment which is shown to be in terrible decaying condition. Upon entering her apartment room she discovers the skeleton of a child hugging a stuffed animal. Ai appears with the Hell Correspondence and confirms that this skeleton is indeed Yuzuki. Enma Ai tells her in the first episode of Mitsuganae quotatashi wa anata no naka ni iruquot which can be translated as quotI039m going inside you.quot