Baobhan Sith

Laura Hellsing
Weary from rebuilding the Hellsing Organization039s army from the Valentine Brothers039 attack as well as being dismissed from a vampire attack by MI5 and bothered by an ominous premonition from Alucard Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing received a surprise visit from Laura her sister living in the Essex area. The visit was friendly but soon unusual events were occurring: Seras Victoria was being restrained by Walter Alucard has his first encounter with the masochistic vampire Incognito and Integra herself was unusually fatigued. She then realized all too late the sad truth ndash she was an only child and the woman claming to be her sister was in fact a vampiric assassin. quotLaura Hellsingquot is in reality a Baobhan Sith ndash a Celtic vampire often referred to as quotthe White Womanquot. Baobhan Sith often wear long green gowns and have been known to use hypnotism to ensnare its victims. This particular one had stabbed Integra in the stomach before drawing her blood... then Alucard because of Incognito039s boasting realized what was happening interrupted and slew the beast before Integra was killed. And as a result Walter was released from the enchantment that forced him to restrain Seras and both raced to Integra039s aid. However because she was bitten Integra nearly kills herself by stabbing herself in the neck to draw out the creature039s taint from her body. She was later saved in a hastilyarranged operation by Dr. Trevelyan soon afterward. source: Absolute Anime