Toshinori Oda

織田敏憲, Boy #4
Toshinori Oda is boy number 4. In the novel and manga little more than an ugly rich kid his father owning a successful produce company with high views of himself Toshinori sets out to preserve his talents with the violin. Toshinori hates the students in his class calling them the vulgar masses. He hates Shuya because Shuya is good looking and plays rock music which Toshinori has a great disdain for. Toshinori kills Hirono Shimizu. Afterwards Kazuo Kiriyama whom Toshinori states he despises because he engaged in vulgar activities with his gang shoots Toshinori. Although the bullet proof vest prevents Toshinoris death in the end Kiriyama kills him. In the novel Kiriyama shoots into Toshinoris helmet while in the manga Kiriyama shoots Toshinoris in the groin. In the film Toshinori rides on a bicycle to escape Kiriyama. As in the novel and manga Toshinori initially escapes death with the bullet proof vest. Kiriyama brandishes a wakizashi and beheads Toshinori Kiriyama places a hand grenade in Toshinoris heads mouth and throws the head in Shogos hideout.