Alzeid (short in height with long hair) is the older brother of Alzeid (tall in height with short hair). Alzeid first appears in volume five of Hatenkou Yuugi on the same ship as Rahzel and company. He often refers to Rahzel as "big sister" despite her protests that they've just met and wishes for her to give him a name as he detests sharing the same name as the other Alzeid (the taller one that travels with Rahzel and Baroqueheat). Alzeid often acts like a child and always forgets the conventional language usages ("see no long time" for "long time no see"). His appearance is deceiving, as he has the face and stature of a young boy; however, it is later revealed in the manga that he is not who he seems to be.

The two Alzeid's are actually both clones created by a scientist of the same name and the taller Alzeid that travels with Rahzel and Baroqueheat is the younger brother of the shorter, long-haired, and boyish Alzeid.