Ricardo Martinez

リカルド・マルチネス, El Diablo
Ricardo Martinez is currently the only 039Super Champion039 in the series. He has the longest title run in the series with 21 defenses of his WBA Featherweight Title over a decade. He became WBA Featherweight Champion at the age of 21. His fame is so great even those in Mexico who don039t know the President039s name knows his name. Ricardo039s strength far exceeds that of the other known featherweights. His power is on par with Ippo039s his damage retention allowed him to take several heavy blows from Date without any lasting damage his jabs are able to stop Ippo039s Dempsey Roll and knock him unconscious on their own. For reasons unknown he has always stayed in the WBA and never tried to become undisputed champ leaving the massive number of World contenders avoiding him to scramble for the WBC belt. George Morikawa listed Martinez as the second strongest character in the series behind Takamura. Ricardo Martinez is based on Ricardo Lopez one of the few boxers to retire undefeated.