Sakura Saginomiya

Birthday:Jan 1
Sakura is second in command of the team who picks up Isurugi to drop him off at the 801st HQ in the beginning of the first episode. She has an aged dog named Patriot who she loves very much and is a compulsive gambler. Sakura gambles on virtually everything from flight exams food contests to horse racing she also happens to be very good at it. Sakura loves karaoke despite her team mates unusual fear of her singing voice. When Sakura was younger she became known as one of the top up and coming female pilots and her skills are actually one of the causes for the 801st being formed which caused tension amongst other female pilots who were jealous of her talent and her stealing the heart of Konishis best friend Tokaji. Both Tokaji and Konishi were in love with Sakura but she seemed only interested in Tokaji. On the day of her flight exam Sakura had been promised by Tokaji hed be there to see her exam but was distracted by 3 jealous girls. Konishi ran up to Sakura and proposed to her but she expected Tokaji and said his name forcing Konishi to give her the ring in Tokajis name. Sakura took the ring and wears it to this day never knowing until years later Konishi was the one who proposed and though it is never clearly stated it is implied she has strong feelings for Konishi and seemed to reveal she loved Konishi in return.