Tasha Godspell

Magic Marksman

Name: Tasha Godspell Age: 16 Birthday: April 3 Blood Type: O Height: 5'7'' Weight: 126 lb Hobbies: cleaning, cooking, counting money Likes: money, free stuff, traveling by himself Dislikes: things that don't make money Tasha Godspell is a Black Class WH, achieved after only one year of training under his master. His goal is to rescue his sister Aria, have her remove the curse on him which will eventually kill him and take her back home to their mother. In general he is obsessed with money, and a swindler, but he is very kind to women and witches, he never kills his opponents only taking their hats. He was trained in using a Magic Bullet Gun by his Master, the White Witch Edea Florence and thanks to his training he can dodge nearly any long distance weapon and many high level witches believe he can grow much stronger. If anyone insults his white hair or his master, he'll retaliate immediately.

He is considered the key in East's and North's plan, as the savior of humanity or it's destroyer. He is also the sole known male that has a mana source; excluding Merlin who had to turn his body into a female

His Magic Bullet Gun can fire three types of ammunition: Piercing, Grenade, or Tranquilizer.

His Arcane Desert Eagle Custom has the firing power of 10,000 bullets in a single shot. The recoil is so great it can break his arm after 3 shots and drains him of mana. In addition to mana bullets, Tasha can also fit real bullets into his mana guns. His Dimensional Gallery stores his guns, and also regulates the flow of mana in his body. It reveal later that he can convert into a S-level White Class using Dimensional Gallery's summoners to sing "The Songs of Moirae" to release his limiter, however his mental state is very unstable when he is a this level.

He received Halloween, a pumpkin doll/supporter, from his teacher Edea, before she was killed by his sister and as such, he treasures it above all else, but he does occasionally shoot it or mistreat it in a comical fashion.

He breaks one of Halloween's seals before Ryuhwan's Halloween could kill it, reverting it (to Tasha's surprise) into a girl, Halloween's original form. She received an increase her speed and strength with the release of the first seal.

His hobbies include cleaning, cooking, and counting money. His likes are traveling by himself, money, and free stuff, and he hates things that don't make money. He seems to attract girls who are shy or outgoing and he has a rivalry with fellow Witch Hunter Cooga. Techniques:

Magic Battlefield - A technique which seals and changes the surroundings around Tasha in a large radius, nothing can hide from him. Gun Battle - Direct Hand-to-Hand combat form of using the Mana gun. The Songs of Moirae - A technique that changes his power level to S-Class by releasing the limiter on his Mana supply. This technique alters his mental state and the rebound almost kills him.

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