Xing Bairong

싱 바이롱, Godspeed Fist
Birthday:Feb 16
Blood Type:AB
Height: 61 Weight: 148 lb Hobbies: collecting sunglasses Likes: sexy girls with hot bodies Dislikes: guys with the strange exception of Tasha Godspell Xing is a Black Class WH who flirts with women constantly but his skills are top class and he is capable of felling several people in a single second. He typically hates men with the exception of Tasha and prefers women with sexy bodies and his hobby is collecting sunglasses. He also loves to make cool entrances. Techniques: Ultimate Kings fistblow A ki based punch that gathers all Chi onto his fist. Chant: All my Chis within my body will gather onto my fist this shall become the spear of the king cutting through everything. Zilong A ki based punch capable of destroying Taras Earth Spear. Chant: The supreme kings spear that splits all things under the sun Fist of Speed Demolishes enemies with a high velocity punch Pae Wang Boong Guan Source: Wikipedia