Race: Witch Class: Black Age: ? Supporter: Paravati (Spiritual) Magic Specialty: Support Team: Golden Moon A pickpocket who stole Tasha's bag, she later awakens to becoming a witch when he almost died. After she was tracked down by Tasha, she requested he help get rid of a witch that killed her best friend. She was controlled by a witch and stabbed Tasha, seeing him about to die awoke her witch powers and spiritual supporter, Paravati, healing Tasha and dispelling the threads that controlled them. After being attacked by the Townsfolk and defended by Tasha, she joins WH as a student under Eclipse and as a Black Class WH. She seems to be attracted to Tasha. Before becoming a witch she saw invisible threads attached to people and saw past the memory-lapsed fibered clothing Tasha wore, Tara's earth scan also picked her up as a source of magic indicating she had the potential to become a witch. Her supporter is Paravati, a Spiritual supporter and will serve her forever, it cares for her and is noted to be a supporter of commoners, indicating it's a support type. It can heal, dispel magic and absorb attacks and release them, and allow her to see invisible objects.