Genba Hario

A swordsman who murdered Kakunojs parents and attempted to kill her whose face was forever to be remembered by Ebisu. Hario is a bearer of the ancient Jiwariken technique of swordsmanship which attempts to create a continuous fissure within the earths surface as a result of the vertical movement of ones sword but which is stopped with the application of water within its path. He later serves in Yokohama as Kawai Tsuginosukes bodyguard as ordered by Nakaiya Jb and is instantly recognized by Ebisu who moves to inform the rest of the troupe and later traces him to an underground auction held in the Shanghai Club where Hario had been accompanying Kawai. After witnessing Akizukis attempt to destroy the Hasha no Kubi Hario becomes very intrigued with Akizuki and attempts to find and kill him the next day to the extent of even ignoring his job to protect Kawai and his Gatling guns. Later Hario is cornered by Akizuki and the Yuyama troupe in the midst of a sunbrazen wheat field and when they attempt to kill him a sniper Saiga Magoz sent by Nakaiya attempts to shoot him and Hario soon dies. Source: Wikipedia