Joseph Carpenter

ジョーカ, Joker
R.O.D. The TV: The head of the British Library Special Operations Unit and Yomikos former boss. He took control of the organization after the death of the Gentleman and is now often referred to as Mr. Carpenter. His face seems a bit more lined from stress and possibly age and he now walks with the assistance of a cane. As always Joker smiles all the time and initially appears as calm reassuring and easygoing as ever but as the series progresses he gets more violent and highstrung revealed to be an elitist who holds the same human selection principles as the IJin the villains from the OVA. Disappointed by the decline of British global influence following the Gentlemans death Joker implements a scheme to regain control of the world no matter the human cost. At the end of the TV Series he is seen to be recovering from comatose state after incidentally absorbed Mr Gentlemans information during the execution of Operation Sleeping Books. Read Or Die OVA: Yomikos boss the acting head of the Special Operations Division. Joker is a stereotypical Englishman Kurata describes him as someone whose photo you would expect to see in the entry for Englishman in the Encyclopedia Britannica his cool head and skill with words are his primary weapons. He is extremely cool and clever in the novel most of the time because of his ambition to become the actual head of the Division and gaining control of the whole country only under the command of Gentleman. Later in the novel Jokers main thought is to destroy Gentlemen after he gained full control of the British Empire including all military police military intelligence and such which Gentleman appointed him for 9 days. Source: Wikipedia