ハサン・サッバーハ, Assassin, アサシン, Hassan of the Hundred Faces, Old man of the Mountain
One of the nineteen leaders of the Hashshashin sect and the 19th who took the name of HassaniSabah and the mantle of Old man of the Mountain. This particular individual suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder which he utilized to compartmentalize his abilities. This gave his Noble Phantasm the ability to manifest his different personalities as separate and autonomous entities. Though they differ in terms of build and sex the different personas share similar characteristics: they have dark brown skin purple hair for those who have it and wear white skeletal masks. Like all other HassaniSabah he can be summoned only in the Assassin Class with the class itself acting as a catalyst. Personas: Asako Big Assassin Child Assassin Macour the Quick Strange Arm Gozour Zayd the Base more... In Fate/Zero