Wendy Earhart

R.O.D. The TV: Seen in the manga and OVA as Jokers office secretary and junior agent of British Library Special Operations she now serves as his right hand henchwoman. Wendys character has matured radically from an enthusiastic if clumsy overeager young assistant into a serious ruthless agent willing to fulfill the B.L.s plans by any means necessary. She is highly resentful of Yomiko whereas she adored her in the manga likely due to events laid out through the course of the TV series and she is one of the few B.L. personnel fully aware of Jokers plans. Read Or Die OVA: A halfIndian halfEnglish girl. She joins the Special Operations Division young aged 19 and soon becomes Jokers personal secretary. She still has the subfix in training after her work title. She is earnest devoted and hopelessly clumsy. In the OVA she is found to be more of a misplaced schoolgirl than an actual employee under the British Library yet in the Anime series she is found to be more emotionally stable and serious about her work. At one point she has Yomiko and the Paper Sisters at gun point an action she is subliminally found to be incapable of performing in the OVA. What adds to this dramatic change is that she is also placed as head of a tactical squad at the same time in the gunpoint incident which suggests that she has also become more understanding of her own capabilities. In the novel she was even once tricked by Joker to wear a French maid outfit to send message of Joker to Yomiko. Source: Wikipedia