This masochistic vampire is from quotthe dark continentquot a reference to Africa. Though physically androgynous he is generally thought to be male. Extremely powerful he combines dark magic with an enchanted ArmsCor 40 mm grenade launcher that fires spines. Incognito vomits into the launchers cartridges before loading and he also is known to have a gatling gun as backup. During the final plot arc of the series he summons a snakelike being referred to as Set presumably the Egyptian god of chaos and takes it into his body in order to use its power to attack Alucard. Incognito has regenerative powers which seem to be related to the purple stripes and sigils covering his body. It has also been argued that while Alucard may be inspired by or is Count Dracula Incognito may have been inspired by the vampire Count Orlok from the 1922 silent movie Nosferatu: The Vampyre. Incognito does not appear in the manga and his name comes from the literal definition of the word incognito. Alucard also states in episode nine that Incognito is an anagram. source: Wikipedia