In Slayers REVOLUTION Zuuma appears as an assassin summoned by Gioconda to kill the Slayers and get the replica of Gorun Nova from Pokota the prince of Taforashia. In his first attempt he was sent along with numerous people on a cruise ship to help him with his attempt at murder only to be pushed back by Gourry when attempting to kill Lina. Later Zuuma and Gioconda ambushed the Slayers in Gioconda039s underground arena after they pretended to be captured by her men and were released by her maid Ozel who also ended up attacking them as well due to the requirement of a contract. Zuuma fought with all his might against Lina and gave her a run for her money. Even though Lina tried to kill Zuuma with the Ragna Blade Ozel jumped in the way and was hit by the blade and seemingly died. When Gourry got hold of Pokota039s replica of the Sword of Light however Zuuma could no longer keep up with his two adversaries and lost both of his arms in this version of the storyline as well. He then retreated shortly before Duclis activated Gioconda039s Zanaffar armor. Zuuma returns in Slayers EVOLUTIONR to confront Lina once again in some old abandoned tower that Namachan had told Lina about. However with Xellos wanting the Hellmaster039s Jar from Zuuma Zuuma retreats and tells Lina to come to Vezendi or someone will die. Arriving in Vezendi they are summoned by Radok Ranzaad who tells them that he039s been instructed to hire them by Zuuma. from KanzakaDex