A character in the OVA series Ranka is a shinma who is capable of transforming her victims into lifesized puppets which she then drains their life forces. In the second episode A Banquet of Marionettes Ranka was in pursuit of Kei Yuzuki a handsome but lonely young boy at a high school in Kyoto who was also being stalked by Miyu. Strangely it seemed that Kei seemed to sense that Ranka had a special power to prolong life and had asked her if she can keep him from aging. At the same time Himeko was at the school too investigating the disappearance of one of Rankas victims. She then ran into Miyu and Larva and learned of a shinmas presence at the school. Both Miyu and Ranka confronted each other but when it became evident that Kei had chosen Ranka and was transformed into a living puppet Miyu banished both of them into the darkness.