心, Senpai
Birthday:Sep 9
Height: 196cm 65 Shin is an elite MagicUser a cleaner for En and the partner and longtime friend of Noi. His magic allows him to cut people up without killing them. Shin is a tall man of muscular build with short blonde hair blue eyes and pale skin. He is often seen in a formal suit while wearing a heart shaped mask backwards. He uses glasses when he isnt wearing his mask. He has stitches running along his arms and hands from his surgery to gain magic powers. He usually uses a hammer to fight which is his primary weapon of choice besides his magic. Shin has a young looking face without any facial hair but with a noticeable forehead which wasnt very obvious at the beginning of the manga though it became more prominent with the progress in art style. He also had spiky hair but especially in later chapters his hair is closer to a more realistic or at least shorter hairstyle. As a teenager Shin used to wear his then very long hair styled in a ponytail. At that time of his life he didnt yet wear glasses so it can be assumed that with time Shins eyesight has gotten progressively worse since then. Despite his job as Ens cleaner Shin has a very easygoing personality and is rather approachable by all within the En family. He cares deeply for his partner Noi and the two share a close bond as a result. Though Shin is seen to be rather modest around Noi since he is often embarrassed by her displays of affection he does return it on occasion. He does not kill without reason though it doesnt seem to detract from his enjoyment of the brutal nature of his job as he is commonly seen grinning during challenging fights. Between himself and his partner Shin acts as the more observant of the two and usually remains calm and collected in order to counteract Nois impulsiveness. He always eats fast and sleeps with one eye open this is an old habit from his past life in Hole which he developed after almost being lynched by people who found out he had Magic User blood in his veins. Shins magic allows him to slice up anything. He can use this ability to slice up living beings without worrying about the victim bleeding out and dying from organ failure although their flesh will still rot. If he were to die any current victim of his magic would immediately suffer the consequences of their wounds. Shin is also capable of projecting his smoke to stop incoming gunfire. His Smoke halting and shattering bullets on impact. Since he was born unable to actually utilize his magic at will Shin cut off his hands and arms in a selfinflicted surgical procedure in order to find the smoke veins.