能井, NO1
Birthday:Aug 8
Height: 209 cm 610 Noi is an elite MagicUser and the partner and longtime friend of Shin. She works with him as a cleaner for En who is her older cousin. Noi has pinkwhite hair and red eyes. She is the fourth tallest character in the series and is very muscular. As a result other characters are often unsure of her sex at first until she opens her mouth or takes off her mask. Beneath the mask she is a beautiful woman with long hair that often looks slightly disheveled. Her ears are pierced multiple times with five piercings on each ear. Usually Noi wears a zipup tracksuit with her name on it in several places gloves and sneakers though she also has other outfits for formal occasions. She wears a blue gimp mask with an exposed skeletal mouth looking similar to a cenobite from the Hellraiser movies. The mask appears to have been patched with duct tape on top similarly to the tracksuit that seems to have duct tape around both the forearms including wrists and the calves. Noi is very confident and carefree. So carefree in fact that as Shin mentions later on she has stopped trying to avoid attacks because she can easily heal herself. Noi enjoys fighting and often competes with her dear senpai to see who can kill the most. Her bold personality can get her into trouble because she doesnt bother to carefully observe her surroundings. The person she shows the greatest affection and respect towards is Shin. She has a large appetite. Nois power is healing which is one of the rarest magic types. Her power is often used in the manga to heal Ebisu or the people that En turns into mushrooms. Thanks to her ability Noi can heal herself quickly and without physically releasing the smoke. This makes her especially resilient to physical attacks and virtually unkillable. Source: Dorohedoro Wiki edited