Birthday:Dec 29
Height: 183cm 60 Shoe Size: 30cm Boss of the En family and is an elite Magic User. He is cousins with Noi and Kikurages partner. Hes also good friends with Chidaruma who is the most powerful Devil. En controls most of if not all business within the MagicUser realm and is regarded as one of the strongest Magic Users in the world. Hes shown to be a man who has a large expansive group of lackeys and is currently Noi and Shins boss. Typically seen in loosely worn formal attire and wears his long red hair spiked upwards. He has a large forehead and menacing eyes further defined by his lack of eyebrows. His mask consists solely of a mouthpiece resembling something between a gas mask and the mouth of a skull. Beneath the mask he is revealed to have a thin mustache with a goatee. En is cool and confident in everything he does. He often enjoys quietly drinking tea or tending to his exotic garden of mushrooms. En is very full of himself and his capabilities. The very thought of someone laying a finger on him in a fight the worlds most powerful magic user can cause him to lose control of his emotions and go berserk turning everything and everyone caught in the crossfire into mushrooms. Despite being a pretty big narcissist he has shown that he truly does care about the members of his family. He is especially fond of Kikurage often worrying about her safety and well being above everyone else. Regardless of what others think or wish Ens desires come first and hell do anything to get his way even if that means killing kidnapping or forcing them to do as he says forgoing a more diplomatic approach. En possesses a powerful transformative type ability that allows the smoke he can exhale from his mouth or fingers to turn whatever it touches into mushrooms. Despite the somewhat silly nature of his magic by his own admission most dont understand the truly terrifying degree to which he has mastered his ability. The various applications of Ens power appear only to be limited by his creativity. Source: Dorohedoro Wiki edited