Regal Bryant


A convict sent by the Pope of Tethe'alla to capture Colette, Regal joins the party after he recognizes Presea. He is a kind and noble soul, and a very talented cook (unusual, given that he doesn't use his bound hands for much else). He is very content with being alone, although he does enjoy company and conversation, especially with Lloyd. Lloyd idolizes Regal: he claims that he hopes to grow up and be a "cool adult" like him. He is a strong fighter, supplementing his melee capabilities with a small amount of healing (chi) magic. He fights exclusively with his feet, and uses greaves to enhance the power of his kicks. Before he donned his trademark shackles, Regal mainly fought using his hands; he claims that his strength and mastery of this previous style far surpassed those of the techniques he uses now. (WIKI)