The Groke

モラン, Mårran, Mörkö, Buka
Fictional character in the Moomin world created by Tove Jansson. She appears as a ghostlike hillshaped body with two cold staring eyes and a wide row of white shiny teeth. In the book Who Will Comfort Toffle? it is mentioned that she has a tail but it has never been seen. Wherever she stands the ground below her freezes and plants and grass die. She leaves a trace of ice and snow when she walks the ground. Anything she touches will freeze and on one instance she froze a camp fire by sitting down on it. She seeks friendship and warmth but she is declined by everyone and everything leaving her in her cold cavern on top of the Lonely Mountains. The Groke is both a live representation of loneliness and a psychological depiction of very lonely people who have a hard time accepting and expressing love in the right way making them seem cold and scary to others which in turn only leads to more loneliness. source: Wikipedia