Kogane Mikasa

Kogane is a halfdemon halfhuman fox also known as a quotdemon foxquot who suddenly appeared at the Misaka Dormitory mistaking Sogo for Jin of whom she had not seen for thirteen years. Despite having powers Kogane despises being a halfdemon and merely wishes to become human which she is only able to attain by quotunitingquot with an heir to the Shrine. Though a kiss is capable of allowing her to achieve this ambition as noted when Jin and Kogane share a kiss in a closet it is only temporary and after a while she returns to her halfdemon form. It is because of her desire to be human that she does not get along well with her father Doukan as he wishes to keep her away from the human world. Despite the fact that she refers to him as a scary person she seems to be capable of outmuscling him in physical disputes. Because she was unfamiliar with the human world having lived in the demon world since her meeting with Jin when they were three years of age she often acts strange around certain articles of the modern world such as lighters calling them quotfireballsquot as well as how to use a Television which she refers to as a quotboxquot at first. She can hold her liquor and loves deep fried tofu. She also has a high interest in quothumanquot clothing which is coupled with her desire to become human. Source: Information attained from reading Chapters 13 of quotFoxy Lady Volume 1quot Written out by myself Kitsukage