Jin Mikasa

Jin Mikasa is the heir to the 300yearold Mikasa Shrine. He is currently intraining for becoming a shrine priest and lives with his friend Sogo Aoyagi at the Mikasa Dormitory. On top of this he is also a high school student which is part of his reasoning for some of the things he does. He is a rather curious person when it comes to the opposite gender and sometimes reads the magazines that Sogo has a lot if not all of which are what he refers to as quotdirtyquot. Despite being curious about girls Jin gets rather nervous when Kogane makes blunt advances towards him which includes the use of a line he read from one of Sogos magazines. Jin is also not very good at reading people as he believes Sogo who is his quotComradeInPalmsquot is selfcentred when in actual fact he is not. He can get very jealous and even becomes jealous of himself when Kogane states her intentions to both himself and Sogo. Source: Information attained from reading Chapters 13 of quotFoxy Lady Volume 1quot Written out by myself Kitsukage