Bismarck Waldstein

ビスマルク・ヴァルトシュタイン, Knight of One
A oneeyed man who presently bears the title of the Knight of One the strongest amongst the Rounds. He pilots the Knightmare Frame Galahad. Despite his status and combat abilities he believes that war should be used as a last resort and also sees strength without restraint as needless violence. During the second battle of Tokyo Bismarck leads the Britannian forces guarding the shore against Li Xingkes invasion force. Li and Bismarck battle with Li unable to defeat him. Bismarck compliments Lis skill when he purposefully takes a hit to move into position to rescue the Chinese command vessel. During Schneizels attempted coup dtat of Emperor Charles he intervenes to stop Suzakus assassination attempt on the Emperor. Suzakus live command urges him to flee indicating that Waldstein is extremely dangerous. Following the death of the Emperor and Lelouchs ascension to the throne Bismarck leads three of the remaining Rounds members and a squadron of Knightmares in an attempt to remove Lelouch from power but they are decimated by Suzaku in the Lancelot Albion. Bismarck attempts to use his Geass which allows him to see a few seconds into the future to even the odds claiming that the only person he ever had to use it on was Marianne. Suzakus live command allows him to achieve victory despite Bismarcks Geass slicing the Galahad in half. Bismarck dies gasping Mariannes name. Source: Wikipedia