Caroline Pendleton

She is a Eurasian half Korean/half British woman recently arrived in Korea. She has lived in the United States for a while learning the French martial art of savate. She has come to Korea because she is curious about her fathers homeland and her siblings who turn out to be HaeYoung and HaeJung. When she first arrives she lives temporarily at a motel while her father arranges for her to stay with her halfsisters for about a month. She has been employed as a language teacher and an assistant homeroom teacher under HaeYoungs supervision. Her first encounter with JinHo like her halfsisters is not entirely without its troubles ending in a fight and injury for her. Her opinion of Jinho changes however when he escorts her back to her motel room and shows concern for her wellbeing. As she has no full siblings she appears to harbour a strong desire for a warm relationship with her halfsisters though this is complicated somewhat by their rather cold and distant relationship with their father. She expresses great romantic interest in JinHo and has challenged HaeYoung Nah to see who can first win his heart though its not certain whether this is genuine or she just wants to bring the two together. Source: Wikipedia