Peony Upala Malkuth IX

ピオニー・ウパラ・マルクト九世, Emperor Peony IX
A childhood friend of Jade Curtiss Nephry Balfour and Dist. Peony is a very laidback unconventional monarch. He trusts Jade explicitly and is perhaps the only man to truly understand him. Peony has a soft spot for animals called rappigs which he keeps as pets named after people he likes including Jade Nephry Saphir/Dist Aslan Frings Gelda Nebilim and Luke. He was once in love with Nephry even setting aside a mansion he intended to share with her. However because she was a commoner they could not wed. In the end she married someone else and the emperor has never completely moved on as he now still refuses to marry any other. This has not deterred him from being something of a lecher however as he eagerly accepts any opportunity to ogle women most notably by providing free passes to the Keterburg spa and then providing lewd bathing suits as gifts. Wikipedia.