ミュウ, Thing
Mieu is a blue Cheagle. Cheagles are considered holy by the Order of Lorelei due to a pact formed with Yulia symbolized by the Sorcerers Ring. The Sorcerers Ring enables Cheagles to communicate with other creatures and humans as well as use the power of various Fonons to gain new skills like flight by flapping their ears. He joins Lukes group when the elder Cheagle bans him for one cycle of the seasons for setting fire to the forest in which the Ligers live which caused the ligers to hunt the Cheagles for food. Mieu quickly grows fond of Luke referring to him as Master and naively accepting the name Thing. Though Luke originally abuses and ridicules Mieu with little provocation he eventually comes to regret his actions. Mieu however thought of Lukes actions as mere play and affection thanking Luke for his name. He ends most of his sentences with desu no. Source: Wikipedia