Fumihiko Makabe


Fumihiko Makabe becomes the new commander of Alvis in the second episode, when the previous commander dies. For such a strong and thoughtful man, he is surprisingly quiet and kind-hearted. Like all of his generation, he hates the Festum and once wanted an all-out war with them-- but fatherhood has been very good for him. He raises Kazuki alone, as his wife Akane was killed long ago protecting him from the Festum. Although Akane was a higher ranking officer than him (he took her last name upon their marriage ^^), he is also a seasoned soldier who has shed blood--both Festum and human--and always keeps it a priority to prevent the children from having to do the same. Fumihiko and Kazuki live in a small house that doubles as a ceramics workshop where Fumihiko makes traditional, Japanese clay pots to sell for a living. He hates having to send his son out to fight but tries to keep a strong front to give Kazuki as much stability and reassurance as possible. He has a healthy respect for the intellect and abilities of Minashiro Soushi, despite his youth, and relies on him to help Kazuki along during this difficult time. (from AnimeNfo)