Ewon Jung

Fox Jung

Age: 23 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Height: 5'11" Weight: ? Blood Type: A Occupation: College Student, Saehan Credit Union Employee (Mafia underling) Ewon is the main character of the series. He is first introduced as an underling working for the Mafia (basically as the errand boy). He was forced into the job with no pay by his jealous ex-boyfriend, Jiho as punishment for cheating on him. Unfortunately for Ewon, his boss is Jiho's new boyfriend, Mookyul who turns Ewon's life completely upside down. As Ewon does his best to work hard for the mafia (enduring dangerous jobs, numerous cleaning duties and errands, and not to mention all the sexual harassment by his boss), he soon realizes that he and Mookyul shared a history together, which will eventually lead to sharing something more. Ewon's personality is the good-natured type. He is warm-hearted, friendly and sweet to all those around him. He makes the best coffee and knows how to cook and clean, which is why he is so handy around the office. Ewon claims himself that he is an affectionate person and gives his affection to everyone. He gets along easily with others since he's very lovable and adoring. As a boy, he lost his parents and lived on his own for most of his life so he’s very independent and knows the meaning of hard work and education. But because he's been alone for so long that he doesn't want to get attached to things or fall in love; fearing that he would risk losing it all again. So Ewon closed his heart to prevent others getting too close and never stayed committed to relationships. It is when he starts to date Mookyul that he realizes deep down he had always wanted someone to love and to love him back. (Source: ttlycaptivated@livejournal)