Mookyul Eun


Age: 25 Hair: Black Eyes: Grey/Green Height: 6'1" Weight: 163 lbs Blood Type: AB Occupation: Saehan Credit Union Boss (Mafia leader) With stunning good looks, Mookyul is the Mafia leader (although he insists that he’s a legitimate business man) and runs Gangnam (South side of the Han River in Seoul, Korea). He is first introduced as Jiho’s boyfriend and accuses Ewon for stalking Jiho, giving Ewon the beat down of his life. When Jiho suggests recruiting Ewon as the errand boy at the office, Mookyul goes along with it. He forces Ewon to do all sort of jobs and finds him to be very handy around the office. When Mookyul starts to have the same reoccurring dream of a certain boy from his elementary school, he finds out that Ewon was actually that boy 10 years ago. New feelings surface and Mookyul does everything he can to make Ewon his. Being the boss of the gang, Mookyul has natural qualities that make him the leader. He’s very bold and brash and usually does whatever he pleases. His short temper has many others intimidated by him. He’s often seen smoking and also has a bad habit of biting others when he’s drunk. As a child, he was an orphan and was picked up off the street and raised by Gun-Woong Lee, whom he has a really close relationship to. Growing up was hard for Mookyul, but the thought of the boy from his elementary school (Ewon) reminded him that he wasn’t alone and always kept him going. Mookyul quickly falls in love with Ewon Jung. (Source: ttlycaptivated@livejournal)