Jiho Shin

Height: 50395quot Weight: 123 lbs Occupation: College Student Jiho was in love with Ewon but Ewon always fled when things got too serious. Jiho finally broke it off with Ewon when he caught him cheating. Mookyul found the heartbroken Jiho and the two started dating. Jiho wanted to get revenge on Ewon so he made him work for Mookyul as punishment. When Jiho walks in on Mookyul and Ewon in an intimate manner it causes the breakup between Jiho and Mookyul. Jiho ends things officially when he tells Mookyul that hersquos only been using him to get revenge on Ewon. A tearful confession leads to Jiho admitting that hersquos always been in love with Ewon but dumps Ewon intending to move on and letting Ewon and Mookyul get together. Jiho could be compared to a girl. Hersquos girlish emotional and likes to gossip. He already had his heart broken twice in the series so far but judging by the way how quickly he moved on showed that he can manup and move on with his life. He doesnrsquot hold grudges and lets bygones be bygones seeing as he still can remain friends with Ewon often teasing him about Source: ttlycaptivatedlivejournal