Moon Dohoon

Age: unknown (23?) Occupation: College student Dohoon is Ewon’s classmate and best friend since high school. He obviously has a crush on Ewon and often tries to convince Ewon to become his “catcher” (since Ewon only been a “pitcher” until he got with Mookyul). When he first meets Mookyul, he is stunned how good-looking Mookyul is, and gets jealous that Ewon gave up his “chastity” to Mookyul. He openly admits to Mookyul that he had a crush on Ewon once causing Mookyul to get jealous and starts a ruckus. When he finds out that Mookyul’s a Mafia boss, he assumes Ewon is working for him to pay off a private loan and offers to pay off the loan for Ewon. Ewon is really touched by how much Dohoon is worried for him but tells him that he owes Mookyul something else besides money. Being Ewon’s best friend, Dohoon really cares about Ewon. He is Ewon’s wingman, having saved Ewon from being molested by a stranger (by calling dibs on Ewon) and helped him get home when he was drunk. He’s definitely not afraid to speak or show his feelings, although it could make him out to be a jerk sometimes. Overall, he’s just worried about Ewon’s well-being and wants to protect his best friend. (Source: ttlycaptivated@livejournal)