Gun-Woong Lee

Age: late 50s Occupation: CEO of CampM Assets Management GunWoong Lee is the Head Honcho of the notorious mafia. He is often called Old man by Mookyul. He found Mookyul as an orphan on the street and took him in. He gave Mookyul money proper education and everything he needed in life. As Mookyul got older he made Mookyul his righthand man and left him in charge of Gangnam. Mookyul promises to remain obedient to GunWoong until he turns 30 so long as GunWoong keeps his promise to hand over everything to Mookyul when he retires. Although not else much is known about him the Head Honcho is obviously almighty and powerful. He has the charisma that definitely makes him the big boss of all. When it comes to business he makes sure his men are in check. At the same time GunWoong doesnt mind mixing a little business with pleasure since he likes to pay visits to Mookyul and pamper him with new brand named clothing and expensive gifts. Source: ttlycaptivatedlivejournal