Meimi Haneoka

羽丘芽美 , Saint Tail
Birthday:Sep 29
By day Meimi is a typical orangehaired fourteen year old student at St. Paulias Private School. At school her strong point is physical education but shes rather poor at math. By night she transforms into the mysterious yet magical thief Saint Tail. Saint Tail wears a long ponytail and is usually dressed in purpleblack. In this guise she takes back what bad people have stolen. She is given information by her classmate and nunintraining Seira of misdeeds. Saint Tail is pursued by Meimis classmate Asuka Jr. An amateur detective hes appointed by the mayor to catch the thief. By Asuka Jr.s request Saint Tail sends him notices of her crimes in advance so he may have a fighting chance. As Saint Tail outwits Asuka Jr. in her capers and as he chases after her with his eyes on only her Saint Tail begins to fall in love with him. But as Meimi Haneoka she always ends up arguing with Asuka Jr. for all he cares about is catching Saint Tail. Unlike most other magical girls Saint Tail does not have actual magic powers instead she uses stage magic and theatrics to fool and confuse pursuers.