Lulu de Morcerf


Age: 14 Horoscope: Lion Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue Born in: France Guardian Character: Nana Family: Maman and Father Hobby: Making jewelry Lulu is an anime-original character in Shugo Chara!! Doki with Peach-Pit contributing the idea (as stated in Nakayoshi) along with her guardian character, Nana. She is the new Easter Company worker who can turn Heart's Eggs into Mystery Eggs using a ruby necklace. Lulu can also corrupt the owners by forcing the egg to Character Transform with him/her. Her last name is likely a reference to The Count of Monte Cristo. In the new series, she comes to Japan as her mother starts working in Variety Shows. She becomes an Easter employee in the search of the Embryo, but she actually is searching for the Embryo for herself. Her wish is for her mother to return acting in good quality movies, the job her mother left after she started doing Variety. She wearing light blue bikini.

Later on, Amu discovers Lulu is behind the case of the Mystery Eggs and tries to persuade her. Lulu gathers lots of Mystery Eggs and makes them fight against the Guardians, but as she sees herself with no other option to find the embryo, she turns Nana into a Mystery Egg too and force a Chara Transformation, in which she becomes "Dream Dream". Amu convinces her that the dream she's after is not right, as she's imposing something to her mother that she actually doesn't want to. Lulu understands her situation, and Amu uses Open Heart to purify her, that makes she return back to normal. Lulu regrets what she did and opens her heart to her mother, saying she wants to see her acting again, because that's when she shines the brightest. Her mother answers saying that she started doing Variety because of Lulu herself, as she wanted to be together with her daughter. They understand each other, and her mother decides to accept a role in a movie of a famous french director, that makes Lulu and her family go back to France.